Thursday, 27 May 2010

My Continuation Into The World Of Horror

First of all my apologies for taking so long to write again, had a few problems.

Anyway Back to my world of horror:

Now that I was free to watch whatever Horror's I wanted I have to admit that for a while, I lost interest, I wasn't sneaking around any more, or watching them with headphones at 1am. my parents were now openly inviting me to watch them with them and like every teenager, I had to be rebellious! I wanted these films to still be a source of that but it wasn't. That feeling didn't last long when I finally got to go to the movies to watch a Horror film. This was to be my first of many.

The film was "The Blair Witch Project" what you have to remember about this film is that at the time it was brought out there had never been anything like it before! It looked real, Like this had actually happened, it wasn't a film, it was a documentary and teenage brain believed it all. Me and a few friends went to see it, Id been to the movies before, but not to see a Horror, The darkness, the sorround sound, the tension in the room, This was a world away from a VHS at 1am with headphones. I remember being creeped out because there was no monsters to be seen, no blood, no gore or even a weapon. Where was the hero? Where was the villain? People were screaming in the cinema at the ending (Incase you haven't seen it I wont ruin it for you). It got me so worked up I couldn't walk in my local woods for a long time!

I finally had that rush of excitement and fear again, it was brilliant! I know nowadays this film gets slated, but like I said 10years ago when it was released there had never been anything like it before. This was new, no one knew what to expect. I will always think of that film very fondly.

Throughout the years I have been a regular customer to our local Movie theatre, I knew this when  staff members started to get to know me on first name terms and know that whenever a horror movie is out they expect me to be there, Iv dragged my dad along sometimes aswell, as these films were new to me still my dad had lived through the original slasher genres and thought most of them were rip off's etc, but he saw that he and I had a connection in the world of Horror which brings me to another first, The world of the Horror conventions.

My dad surprised me for my birthday with 2 tickets to a Horror convention. I had never been to anything like this before so I didn't know what to expect at all, and I'll tell you know, I will never forget it!

There was 3 major guests, Robert Englund, Tony Todd and Tom Savini. I knew all 3 by now, my dad was a huge Tom Savini fan!! He was as excited about meeting him as I was about seeing THE Freddy Kreuger and THE Candyman!! We got there and it was like Halloween had started (Even though it was July) I waited for a long time to meet Robert Englund but when I did something weird happened, He shook my hand and asked me my name, as he did this I looked him up and down, He was wearing a beige suit, white shirt, black shoes and where was his scars? where was his glove? the hat and the shirt? This wasn't Freddy Kreuger, he wasn't dressed like this on the poster! But in the end it didnt matter, as he looked at me with his stare and quirky smile and asked me my name again, I went speechless, He terrified me! He didn't need all the Freddy make up, HE WAS FREDDY! I managed to squeekly say my name, He signed a photo of Freddy for me and took a picture with me, as his hand gripped my neck and his other hand did the claw movements I felt true fear! I half expected him to suddenly turn into Freddy and kill me because it truly felt like I was dreaming!!

I also got to meet Tony Todd, I thought after the Robert Englund experience I'd be ok now, I wasn't! As he spoke in his deep voice I saw his eyes glisten over as he talked about the killings of the film with my dad, I thought we were being duped into thinking he was a "normal" person!

Looking back at it now I laugh, but hey, what else do you expect from a teenagers imagination!

Additional:  We never did get to meet Tom Savini, we later found out he had pulled out at the last minute.

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