Thursday, 17 February 2011

Children's Horror: Where's it gone?

Whilst watching the TV with my niece on another boring night of babysitting, I had a sudden realisation....There's no "Horror" cartoons any more. 

I started thinking about programmes I used to watch as a child, "Are You Afraid Of The Dark", "AARRGGHH Real Monsters!" "Transylvania Pet Shop" "Trap Door", "Little Dracula" and more. No, they weren't scary, but the Horror elements were there, the monsters, the stories, sort of like an introduction to the horror world, it was Horror entertainment for kids. Even books, books like Goosebumps and ghost stories, you just don't see them around  .

Nowadays it's all brightly coloured children's programme's that give you a migraine within 30 seconds of watching it, or kids running around singing or even books about twinkling vampire's!

I asked my niece whether any of her programmes had monsters or anything like that in them, she had no idea what I was on about, she said monsters are for Halloween! 

All of this saddened me, it's such a shame really. I even asked her if she had ever seen a black & white film, she looked at me like I was from Mars. I remember on Sunday afternoon's you would find an old Horror on TV, I LOVED them and still do! 

They will never know what there missing out on and really it is a damn shame!

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